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Prevent waste generation in large-scale events.


Cups are lent out to users in exchange for a deposit. Users can recover their deposit at any time by returning their cup to the stand set up for that purpose.
Otherwise, they can decide to keep their cup as a souvenir, meaning that they do not get their deposit back.
The organiser keeps the deposit, thus receiving a return on the original investment. In short, we can eliminate undesired plastic waste for citizens and the environment.


Promote the organiser’s event marketing.


Our products can be screen-printed and become an advertising medium for your corporate image, slogans, logos, etc.


Provide a source of income for the organiser.


If users decide to keep their cup, they do not get their deposit back; the organiser keeps the deposit, receiving a return on their original investment. Normally, the deposit is around 1 euro, allowing the organiser to make a profit.


Event organisers can avail of a wide range of products, all contributing to sustainable development.

Ecoverre is committed to reducing your waste, ready to give you the best advice

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