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Thanks to their durability, reusable cups can help to protect the environment, reducing waste generation at source.

According to ADEME, the French Agency for the Environment and Energy, household waste production has doubled in the last 40 years.
 In one year alone, we throw away 650 million tonnes of waste. Each citizen produces around 1 kilo of rubbish each day.


If everyone consumed as much as the average European, we would need the equivalent of 8 planets the size of Earth to cover the needs of the world population.

In France, 80% of goods sold are thrown away after one single use. 99% of products become waste within 6 weeks following their use.

The average French person produces 30 tonnes of waste during their lifetime. French authorities (including local councils) spent 11 billion euros in 2004 on waste management.

Following the application of the measure to reduce the number of disposable plastic carrier bags, 28,000 tonnes of waste have been prevented.

And what if we did the same with plastic cups?

Thanks to our initiative, we no longer need to produce a multitude of single-use cups. Each cup can be washed and reused as required, hence reducing the volume of waste produced.

Consequently, this system challenges the following principle: one cup for one single use and person. If we think of how the supermarkets have managed to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags thrown away, we can image a similar situation for cups, with “reusable” cups replacing “single-use or disposable” ones.

It would represent a definitive step towards reducing plastic waste permanently.


Some cups have been washed 140 times!

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